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Low Carb Bread Companies

In Low Carb Bread on January 11, 2010 at 6:16 am

A currently incomplete list of low carb bread companies:
- Carb Krunchers
- Chompies Bakery
- Controlled Carb Gourmet
- Health Express
- Healthwise Bakery
- Julian Bakery
- Sami’s Bakery
- Sugar Free Xpress
- Bakers Deluxe

If you have additional suggestions feel free to let us know. This list is a little daunting when thinking about having to test all of them. To start we feel it is important to test the most popular brands.

  1. Yes, that is Sugar Free Xpress

  2. I’d like to see the Carb Krunchers large bagels and onion pockets tested for both calorie and carb accuracy. They are HUGE, and I doubt they are actually what they claim on the label.

  3. I would think Oroweat Light Whole Wheat bread, net carbs 5.5 grams for a good sized slice, might be the most popular of all these. Is that too high for you to be looking at? I would love to see how it comes out in your test! Thanks.